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Why Choose An Electronic Cigarette?

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Why smoke an electronic cigarette? Not only do you feel healthier and get the chance to mix up a few different flavors but you also are saving a lot of money, you would not believe the amount you actually save over a year, it's the solution for all sensible smokers.

Ease of use and the quality of the electronic cigarettes available have vastly improved over the last five years, so read our review to find the best electronic cigarette for you!

  • We found that the average smoker can save thousands of dollars or pounds per year.
  • It takes a few goes to get use to it, but when you change to electronic cigarettes, you find smoking regular cigarettes dirty and horrible.
  • The amount of flavors that are now available, means you can play around and find exactly the right flavor to suit you.
  • You can control the nicotine levels, so if you want to quit smoking all together, you can slowely reduce the levels, until you are smoking just the vapor!
  • Your lungs will feel so much clearer, giving you that healthier feel, without inhaling all the nasty smoke that is caused by burning tobacco.

Whether you are looking to try an electronic cigarette or want to quit smoking, our site will give you all the information you need to become an experienced vaper!

Great little electronic cigarette brand, I can't see it rocking off the shelves, but not bad!
Really actuallt quite impressed with this brand, a little expensive though!
Avoid like the plague is my opinion with this brand, not good!

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Expert Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Another great feature of the electronic cigarette is the number of variaties that are available on the market, for example, if you just want to start smoking without any fuss, then the disposable e cigarette is perfect, if you wanted to save a bit of money, then the rechargable eGo kits are probably your best bet to start of with.

After you have tried an electronic cigarette, you will probably have your particular likes and dislikes, for example, you may like a strong resistance of air flow, and a nice heftly ampage on the atomizer to create the perfect vapor you like. This is when mods come into play, where you can start changing the individual components to create the most perfect electronic cigarette that you will love.

Once you have found the perfect electronic cigarette, you will now have to move on and experiment with the different e-liquids. You can start with buying off the shelf e-liquids from different supplies and then start adding concentrate to make them stronger. Try mixing a few together too, you may find a combo that you love yourself!

Once you've exhausted the different e-liquid brands available on the market, you may want to try to mix your own! You can play around with the levels of PG, VG, nicotine and flavor to again make the perfect flavored e-liquid!

Our Electronic Cigarette Reviews

All of the reviews that are featured on are tested for a minimum of one week, I may smoke it for a little longer if I really like it! The reviews are all written by me personally so I can compare them with the previous brands I've reviewed. Too many review sites these days have too many editors, and how can they compare one brand too another if they have not tried both for at least a week!

I try my hardest to provide the most accurate and honest e cigarette reviews in comparison with any other site I have read, but I always value your feedback. Please get in contact and let me know what you thought of a brand, or if you think my reviews are inaccurate.